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We provide traditional counseling and therapy as well as massage therapy services. See below for more information on the issues we treat and services we offer.

We Treat Issues Related to




Trauma & PTSD

Anger Management

Domestic Violence


Relationship Issues

Sexual Abuse

We also offer

Clinical supervision for registered interns

internship opportunities for graduate students

 Massage Therapy

Client Focus



Many clients have found success through lifestyle changes, understanding their issues, and finding new perspectives using a variety of therapeutic techniques. At Personal Wellness Solutions, we believe that therapy cannot be done without using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in addition to considering your past. We work with attachment theory, reality therapy, as well as the mind-body-spirit connection and the importance each part of us plays in our wellbeing.

“I love to go to trainings regularly, and I love to quote research, but what I have found is that you are the expert on your life so I try to be more of a guide and a motivator.” – Alicia Divico, Founder of Personal Wellness Solutions

About Personal Wellness Solutions

Our Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Certifed Addiction Professionals focus on your individual needs to find the best wellness solution for you! We specialize in trauma and PTSD, addiction, and anxiety.

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