Recently two different clients told me stories of how they were discriminated against due to having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One client was told that he could not get a promotion due to his PTSD, and the other had campus security called on him when he...

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Healthy Relationships

Sadly many clients have told me that they do not have an example of a healthy relationship, so they do not know if they really exist. Although they may not be as plentiful as we'd like, I do believe they exist. Here's what healthy relationships look like: Agreed upon...

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Decision Making

I have noticed that a lot of my clients worry about making the wrong decision. We put so much pressure on ourselves to get things "right", but my question is, "How do you know what is right for you?" My clients would be annoyed with that question as they often look to...

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Am I an abuser?

I've had a few conversations lately during which overthinkers have said things like, "How do I know I'm not an abuser?" I love the deep thinking! Here are a few things that we know: Yes, everyone is selfish. We have to be! Many psychologists talk about how we had to...

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Leaving Abuse

People tend to have difficulty understanding why it's difficult to leave an abusive relationship, whether it's a family member, a lover, or a friend, so I wanted to try and break it down. What people don't understand is how we as humans process information. We really...

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Social Anxiety

I always wonder if ANYONE ever actually THINKS the things people with social anxiety ASSUME others are thinking. Reason being: I never have. Not saying I've never had a judgy, negative thought about anyone, but usually I'm not firm in my opinion on anyone or anything...

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Coping with COVID-19

This is a scary time for most of us as we have not been through anything like this. We live in a land of great freedom and privilege and what is happening goes against everything we are accustomed to. Some of us are mad, because we believe this should not have...

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Human worth

Many of my clients tell me that they do not feel like they have worth or value as people. I have often asked my clients to tell me what gives a human life value/worth. It's interesting what the answers are as it sounds like it's relatively simple! Here's what we have...

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Depression Lies

As in my previous blog on anxiety, there are also common thoughts that arise from a state of depression. These thoughts, simply put, are lies. It is important to know that it's a lie, because when they arise, one can consciously question the validity or at least have...

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Anxiety Lies

When a person gets anxious, there are a few common thoughts that occur. I have broken them down into the most common. There are many ways we think these things, and I have picked a somewhat dramatic approach to help emphasize the point. 1. Everything is an...

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