Tips for Men

Dating is difficult, and women are not interested in coaching/training/directing. This is understandable; however, we already know that in our culture, men are not talking to each other. Therefore, someone need to fill guys in on what women want. Here's a few tips...

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Benefits of CBD

What is CBD? CBD is derived from the Hemp plant, which differs from the Cannabis plant. Hemp has significantly lower levels of THC, which is the mind altering substance that causes the "high" feeling of marijuana. Most over the counter CBD products do not contain...

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Guest Blog: Joel Schmidt on CBT in Action

Article by: Licensed Therapist, Joel Schmidt (Owner and Therapist) at in Tampa, Florida.  I have clients referred to me for “CBT” - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  What I’ve learned is that as popular (and effective) as CBT is in the...

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Grief Scars (guest writer)

Losing a loved one is so deeply painful, it is bound to leave scars. I compare it somewhat to having broken ribs, but many times more painful. About a year or so ago, I was out running and I tripped and fell on an uneven piece of concrete and broke two ribs. The pain...

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Benefits of slowing down

This goes against our nature a lot of times, yet there are a great many health and mental health benefits to slowing down. Today I will mostly be highlighting the mental benefits. Being able to breathe properly. Not being able to breathe properly is my first sign of...

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How to Change

People tell me all the time that they don't know how to change. Believe it or not I know what that feels like! I do believe that some things we will always struggle with, but if we stay aware, with age, we can progress. Here are some tips to help us along the way:...

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The truth about Attraction

We don’t have an exact science around attraction. We know that we have energy flows between people, but no one has been able to fully explain how attraction works. I have been very interested in attraction, and have I have paid close attention and learned a lot over...

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Sex and Wellness

This post is more of a perspective broadener.  I know my perspective is controversial, so I am asking you to stretch yourself to perhaps think about things a little differently. I have been with clients when they first get diagnosed with STD(s). They usually...

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Debunking Romance Myths

In my 20's I spent a few consecutive years single. I consider myself more of a relationship person (not everyone is), so I did not WANT to be single during that time. For me it was distressing trying to find a partner, and to add to that distress, people had a lot of...

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A therapist friend of mine, in another state, shared this with me recently: Friday I had to "admit" someone due to him being under the influence of meth and ecstacy. He hadn't slept in 8 days and was instigating fights, one of which resulted in his shoulder being...

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